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Local Court Pleas and General Advice

When our principal commenced work as a solicitor many years ago, he did not initially work in the area of advocacy. In the last 15 years however, our principal has enjoyed success working in this area at a basic level. Whilst our firm does not specialise in advocacy, as that would interfere with our practice in other areas, our clients have found it helpful for us to be able to offer a basic advocacy service for Local Court pleas and similar minor criminal matters.

In the last 15 years, our principal has successfully presented pleas in many different courts including Fairfield Local Court, Liverpool Local Court, Parramatta Local Court, Burwood Local Court, Downing Centre Local Court, City Central Local Court, Camden Local Court, Lidcombe Children's Court and Parramatta Federal Magistrates Court to name some of them. Our principal has also made appearances on minor court matters in other courts including various Family Courts, the New South Wales Supreme Court and the New South Wales District Court.

Picture of sculpture of The Central Criminal Court or Old Bailey, London, UK

In presenting pleas, our principal has addressed courts in areas including prescribed concentration of alcohol offences, other driving offences, other minor state criminal offences, breach of food cleanliness laws and Federal taxation offences. We have also some experience in making epresentations in relation to traffic and parking fines.

In the past, although less frequently in recent years, we have successfully assisted victims of crime to obtain compensation. Occasionally, we will act on a more serious criminal offence with the assistance of Counsel.

As you may no doubt have heard, a good solicitor's plea can make a difference. We aim to provide a compelling plea of high quality, respectful of the law and the court. The putting before the court of material matters which very often lead to a better outcome for you. We regard any criminal charges as a very serious matter deserving of careful and caring legal assistance. If you wish to use our firm to present a plea for a minor criminal matter, we believe that we can make a substantial positive difference in many instances.

As a general practitioner handling a wide range of matters, our principal has been called to give advice on a wide range of legal issues over the years. As noted elsewhere, he has some experience of having worked in city, suburban and country legal environments.

In many general legal matters, we are able and willing to provide legal advice or assistance. Sometimes, our clients are surprised by the extent of services that we are able to offer them. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have a legal issue in relation to any particular area. If we cannot help you in a particular case, we will usually be able to quickly refer you to another reputable firm to help you with that particular case. The law is complex in many legal areas - even for example laws relating to traffic fines. During our firm history, it has been shown over and over again that it is critical to obtain good legal advice or assistance from a firm like ours which aims to always provide you with competence, integrity and service.

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