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Property Law

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Since 1985, our principal Mr. Keith Hewlett has assisted thousands of clients in property transactions.

Keith has a reputation for careful conveyancing, and a wide range of experience in city, suburban and country transactions.

Keith shall provide what is needed in property law work, independent high quality legal assistance and advice.

If you are selling, professional legal advice is given from the start. Assistance is given to help your dealings with any real estate agent and to understand listing documents you are signing. Proper time is spent in discussing your proposed sale, and in putting together a suitable draft legal marketing contract for sale that will hopefully compliment and enhance your marketing strategy. Early consideration is given to possible difficulties that could arise, and to possible taxation and financial effects of the sale. Our object is for there to be a prompt smooth sale once a purchaser for the property has been found, and for the property to stay sold once the sale proceeds.

When selling, after contracts have been exchanged to make the sale binding on the seller and purchaser, we do not relax in our efforts on your behalf. Keith and his staff work efficiently and effectively to try to ensure that the sale completes smoothly and on time. Your file is frequently reviewed so as to try and ensure that parties and finance providers are diligently co-operating to ensure timely delivery of completion and your net sale proceeds.

When you buy, when you first see us, the prospect purchase is like a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces missing. We aim to promptly put, in the right place, as many pieces as possible so that you can see the picture clearly by the time you have to make a decision as to your purchase. Although there are many attributes and characteristics of a property that usually need to be considered in a short time when it is being purchased, we do not shirk from our tasks to understand and explain to you those attributes and characteristics and provide to you our overall assessment.

picture of a building

We will not bamboozle you with lengthy general comments that are not really relevant to your purchase decision making, but we aim to always understand your wishes and needs and the property's characteristics and to analyse explain or report to you about critical or important specific matters relating to the purchase.

Statistically, there are many purchases that do not proceed for a wide variety of reasons. There are many initial deals that are not worthwhile when properly considered. A property purchase is a large monetary investment. In our view, a sound independent thorough analysis, that we aim to always provide, of the prospect property is essential.

Again, if the decision is made to proceed with the purchase, our care and service continue until completion takes place. Your file is frequently reviewed, and we work conscientiously to ensure that the parties and finance providers co-operate to deliver timely completion.

While we are not tax experts, when selling or buying, we are conscious of tax or related issues that may arise, and we will help you to try and ensure that those tax or related issues are dealt with effectively, but safely.

With our experience in dealing with litigation matters, we can also foreshadow legal problems that may be likely to be encountered after the sale or purchase is completed. We aim to always be generous in giving advice when you are selling or buying that may help you to prevent such legal problems occurring at a later stage.

If you have a problem during your ownership of your property, we can usually assist. Many serious problems relating to property ownership are handled by equitable claims and remedies, where our principal Keith has successful experience.

In property law, we aim to assist you at all times. In your purchase, ownership, dealing with or sale of the property, we aim to provide you with professional independent careful and thorough advice and assistance to help establish your solid legal foundations and then flourish.

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