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Business Sale and Purchase

For more than 20 years, our principal Keith has continuously handled business sale and purchases.

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In our view, the common saying that business is risky in Australia and that many fail, is correct.

Purchases: We believe that a great deal of care has to be exercised in deciding whether to, and if so what, business to purchase.

A good business purchase however gives a person the opportunity to be their own boss, an opportunity that is not available to many. In addition to that, some will be able to reap substantial financial rewards from a business.

In acting on the purchase of the business, we try to establish for you a good legal platform that will support you and let you spring up to success.

We also try to provide some hints and tips for keeping your business well established and successful during its running.

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In relation to the sale of the business, we endeavour to ensure that you will have a contract and transaction which will protect you and which will run smoothly. Of course, in business matters, there are wide ranging laws relating to matters such as misrepresentation and unconscionability, and we are able to well advise you about such matters.

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