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Equity and Civil Litigation

For many years, and more often in recent years, the firm has successfully carried out legal work in civil litigation matters.

a picture of two man fighting

In this area, we have on many occasions acted for people who have suffered from sharp conduct or who have suffered from being involved in a dispute with another party which is in a more financially resourced or otherwise advantageous position.

This has often involved legal work in the Equity division of the Supreme Court, which division will consider a wide range of legal matters. Such matters could involve special duties - such as person appointed under a power of attorney breaching their duty to their principal by acting beyond their power. Such matters could involve the seeking of special remedies, such as an injunction to prevent a breach or an unauthorised transaction occurring, the seeking of an order for a contract to be specifically performed or a declaration as to property rights. Wills litigation, including Family Provision Act challenges, also usually occur in this division. The division also hears disputes about administration of a corporation.

In this area, we will often charge on the basis of time spent on the matter. In time costing, lawyers have rightly or wrongly been likened to taxis. In this regard, we believe that we will offer good value for money for our services. Using the taxi simile, in relation to our fees, it is our promise that we will "not leave the meter running " when it is appropriate that the charging "meter" should be turned off.

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