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Commercial Leasing

Our principal Keith has acted in commercial leasing matters continuously for over 20 years.

For commercial tenants, we are willing and able to promptly deal with the lengthy, complex and sometimes unbalanced leasing documents that are presented.

For commercial landlords, we can promptly provide a high quality of lease document that is protective of landlord's rights, yet which will still be quickly acceptable to virtually all tenants in our experience.

If the lease is covered by the provisions of the Retail Leases Act, we are able to adapt and modify our procedures to cover the additional requirements of that Act.

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In the past, we have had some experience with lease litigation matters, so we are able to use this experience in the unlikely event that there is some dispute or litigation, and importantly, to help ensure that new lease matters are less likely to fall into dispute.

We try to keep a close eye on developments in lease litigation law, again with a view to using that knowledge to help prevent new lease matters falling into dispute at a later point in time.

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